After one long run of about 18 km, while I was full of incredibly powerful endorphins, an idea occurred to me:  How about meeting up with friends, playing sports, and at the same time helping those who are in need? Thanks to the help and enthusiasm of our team, my idea became a reality.

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2016, sport and dogs lovers got together to hold a run for health, fun, and especially to help our four-legged friends at the dog shelter.

The race was open to both cycling and running enthusiasts. The 20 kilometres race was divided into four separate five kilometres legs so people were able to choose how far to run. Runners of all ages and abilities were welcome, from preschool children to retirees, so the entire family could participate. Water and fruit were provided on the trail, and lovingly prepared food from Muchbetterfood was also available.

46 athletes participated, 31 runners and 15 cyclists. We raised more money than expected and all of it was donated to help rescue dogs in shelters in the Czech Republic (Polna and Zdar nad Sazavou). The inaugural event was a success and everyone is looking forward to a repeat next year.

So don’t be lazy, put on your running shoes and train hard, 2017 is coming!